Find-a-Fab for Fabricators

You are a 3D print-service provider and would like to reach more architects, designers and other 3D modelling enthusiasts? As a Fabricator you can list your 3D printing services completely free of charge* on Find-a-Fab. Here's how you can do it.

1. List your Printer(s) services

After registration, in the Fabricator's zone, you can add your offers in the fabricator zone. Here you first select your 3D printer and then choose the material, available colours, printing costs (base-, setup- and volume-costs) as well as postage options**. You will need to enter a "new offer" for each different material you can print in as the printing costs may be different.

2. Accept Order

Once a printing order has been placed by a designer you will get notified by e-mail. You can check out the details of the order in the Fabricators zone. After inspection of the model you can choose to accept or decline the order. Before you accept the order please ensure that you are able to carry out the job by looking at the ordered model in detail. The Designer will get an automatic e-mail notification after his/her order has been accepted or declined. You can also use the Find-a-Fab's messaging system for further communications with your client. If you need to decline an oder please give feedback to the designer, so that future orders are more likely to be accepted.

3. Fabricate and Ship Order

Once you have clarified all details you can start with the production. Don't forget to keep the designer informed about the progress of his order - ('production started', 'production done', 'model posted') are the steps that will trigger emails once you click on the buttons inside the relevant order. Once the designer has received his model you will be notified by a confirmation email.

4. Get Paid

Depending on the payment option chosen by the designer the order will be paid. Shoud there be problems regarding payments please let us know, so we can get in touch with the designer to help clarify any issues. At the end of each month Find-a-Fab will send you an invoice for 15% of the total of your orders***.

Still have questions?

Please contact us on

* you only get charged for orders that have been passed to you - for which you will get invoiced at the end of the month.

** all indicated prices include VAT - please take this into consideration when you setup offers and send out invoices.

*** for each order Find-a-Fab puts through to you we charge a minimum of 2€