Find-a-Fab for Designers

So you are a Designer and want to know how Find-a-Fab can help you? We hope this quick guide can show you the steps.

1. Upload your 3D design

If you have a model already simply upload your model. Find-a-Fab will accept STL, OBJ, PLY and WRL file formats. Models with specified textures (OBJ and WRL) need to be uploaded in a ZIP archive together with the relevant MTL and Texture files. If you don't have a model yet there are numerous commercial and open-source software tools available which you can use to create your design.

Alternatively you can download a model from many online communities such as , or .

2. Search Fabricator

After uploading your model, Find-a-Fab will automatically calculate the volume of your model and present you with possible Fabricators and prices. You can further refine the search by specifying the material, colour, production time and payment method for your design.

3. Order

Select the Fab that best matches your desired specifications and select payment method * (Credit Card, PayPal, Bank Transfer, Cash on delivery). You will receive a confirmation e-mail as soon as your order has been accepted. You will also be updated by e-mail throughout the progress of your order.

* Not all payment methods will be available for all Fabs as these will be specified by each individual Fabricators. All payment handling is dealt with by your fabricator.

4. Receive your Model

Once your Model has been delivered you will be asked to rate/review your Fabricator.

Still have questions?

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