About Us  

Find-a-Fab is an internet platform where designers can find 3D printing service providers (fabricators) that best match their requirements with respect to model dimensions, desired material, colour and price.

We provide architects, designers and other prototypers with a platform where they can use a variety of different printing systems and materials without having to invest their time, money and resources into owning and running their own systems. The aim is to spark more experimentation with this exciting and expanding technology. Through its growing network of participating fabricators, Find-a-Fab aims to ensure access to the latest in 3D printing innovation - allowing creatives to stay ahead of the curve.

Portrait Marcus Find-a-Fab was founded by Marcus v. Scotti ( View Marcus v.Scotti's profile on LinkedIn ). Marcus has a electric and electronic engineering masters degree from the University of Karlsruhe, Germany and an MPhil from Imperial College London. He spent 10 years at Imperial coordinating 2 research projects in the field of chip design. Following that he co-founded and was managing director of a web and application development company based in London, Fry-IT Ltd. His keen interest in technology led him to explore 3D printing in the jewellery business. The idea of making this technology available to professionals as a service resulted in the creation of Find-a-Fab.

Benefits for designers:  

  • Wide range of printing processes and materials  
  • Comparing of different technologies
  • Quick and easy price comparison 
  • Automatic model analysis (volume, size, error)
  • No investment
  • No training, operating, and maintenance costs
  • No worries about material logistics
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Benefits for fabricators:  

  • No fixed costs  
  • Direct customer relations
  • Fast and individual offer creation
  • Up-to-date printer database
  • Simple order processing
  • Built-in customer communication tool
  • Offers can be changed quickly and easily
  • Short notice period (1 month)
  • End of month billing for order commissions*
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Find-a-Fab is constantly being updated and we aim to expand the available parameter list - which currently includes:

  • Printer (brand, type, production method)  
  • available material  
  • possibly with color  
  • Cost per cm3  
  • Cost of postage and packing (National Express, International, Pickup)  
  • Setup costs (these costs come to the normal volume costs added)  
  • Minimum cost (no matter how small the volume, these are the minimum costs)  
  • Production time (in days – excluding postage)  

We look forward to welcoming you at Find-a-Fab. If you have further questions or suggestions please contact us on info@find-a-fab.com.

Marcus v. Scotti

* for more detailed information please refer to the Terms and Conditions.